As a Student….I will try to explain why I started this blog


Has been my attitude towards most of my schooling career, however as it is approaching HSC this attitude is negatively impacting whatever choice I would like to make in the future. By blogging, my Laziness will be on show , and it will be easier for me to keep tabs on my educational experience /work ethic.This will also be a way of sharing my thoughts on the role that education is taught and ideologies/thoughts on creating new 21st Century learners. As well as providing a way to store thoughts on books/articles primarily information that I have read recently.  This is a way of showing to people that its not to late to change, and someone who is currently at the back of the pack with effort can succeed.

Issues as a learner (or my weaknesses’s )

~  Guilty of a weak short term memory ( Honestly I’m not sure how I’ve coped up till         now without it becoming more problematic)

~   Not being concerned with marks in the ‘traditional’ sense .  Often I’m more concerned about the depth I’ve learnt the material in (so ignore stupid mistakes) so in essence the pursuit of knowledge.

~ Spelling issues/grammar is alright standard

~  Ignoring certain subjects,and even going as far as not handing in the assignment due to my hatred of the subject. (Only happened once)

~ Doing work in class /homework

~ Easily distracted (Well I do like to gaze out the window like any normal sane person)

~ Headaches from bright LED lighting ( this results in many stupid errors especially in spelling, writing and even reading)

~ Not studying or doing ’20 minutes’ worth , honestly amazing I’m not failing any subject yet.

Well, that’s it for my first post.

Feel free to comment 🙂


Other: HSC is killing me 🙂  . I’ll probably not be proud of my ATAR though 😦


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