My understanding about what ‘TPACK’ means for Education

Pretty funny term? That’s what I thought at first.  However as an acronym it stands for Technology, (applied ?) Pedagogical( This pretty much means how well a teacher teaches) and Content Knowledge. I’ve been operating under the delusion of believing that most teachers do not ‘need to embrace’ technology,and that it is another stupid educational ‘fashion’. Basically its a belief that a good teacher needs to have the ability to teach, know the content and be able to utilise/access technology to improve educational teaching standards.


However, it wasn’t until I really engaged in reading case studies that I saw the true extant of the importance of TPACK primarily in Mathematics. Only in the last 10-15 years have calculators fully utilised in schools due to the improvement in processing power. This is actually pretty recent so this means that teacher’s who have not been brought up using this technology will have had to implement it in their classrooms. This led me to think about how  teachers’ should be implementing technology usage in the classroom, and whilst primarily CPK (content,Pedagogical knowledge) is essential without TPCK both the Teacher,and the student of today will suffering from a diminished educational experience.

(Wow, using Log tables/mathematical tables would’ve been quite an interesting experience. I’ll think about purchasing one sometime and seeing how much it impacts my speed of doing maths . Random thought :O )


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