Clock Work Orange (Book thoughts)

Finished reading this little penguin classic today, eventually it was a breeze to get through but at the start all the  Russian slang word’s are slightly confusing which makes you want to keep an online slang translator on handy. Its slightly odd though how the Author doesn’t seem to make us really ‘hate’ Alex , nor make us feel sorry for his experience during the brainwashing. It does make me realise how much I’d rather been imprisoned with a ‘free’ mind, then  be brainwashed to behave a certain way.


Could it be used as a related text for belonging?


~  Alex starts of ‘belonging’ to a gang. However cut off from society (elements of not belonging/isolation)

~ Sentenced to 14 years after raping women

~ Few years prison becomes easier,makes friend with Chaplain

~ Randomly selected  one day after killing Cell mate fir new experimental brainwashing technique

~  Hurls self out window, ie failed suicide . Political fight over his endorsement whilst he lie’s in hospital bed.Endorses government who under does Ludovico’s Technique  (incorporates associative learning)

~  Assembles new gang, grows tired of violence. After running into old friend Pete, Alex decides this is the type of life he wants , and his last thought it of his future son.


Next book to finish is ‘Moby Dick’ which I’m sure would be  a favorite of English teacher’s to be used for as a related text.


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