Sometimes the best exams, end up being your worse.

I mean for once in my life I actually managed to find, and have time to study for an exam.I was ready, I knew all the information that I needed to know yet I had the worst headache imaginable. So getting in there, I flicked through the paper in the 3 minute reading time. I was slightly apprehensive but the paper looked easy enough. Till the headache started to throb,the lights seem to burn causing the paper to have the harsh glare, the word’s on the white paper started to blur. So I rushed through the multiple choice, ending up guessing most of them as it was too hard to concentrate on the individual words. The exam room started to tip up and down, ‘oh great’ thought the voice in my head,a new enemy has entered , dizziness. Everything literally seemed to fly out out of my head, so it ended up me rushing through an almost hazy reality fog like state. Somehow I managed to have 7 minutes left, probably as a result of doing 2 strange pages on a 3+ needed essay . All I wanted to do was run, far away from the exam room. So, I gaze up glance at the clock it seemed to stop, stopping when it was not needed. This was another delay all I wanted to do was throw up, the exam room seemed to start to swirl so I put my head on the desk. Eventually it came, the singular authoritative demand… ”Pen’s down’.


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