English Exam back, Plus another Economics back

So I got the exam back

I failed the teacher so badly, I don’t even know how I should be allowed to stay in the subject. Yet I have yet to have a ‘discussion’ with them. English went alright except one of the essays, however that one the last essay where I nearly fainted with dizziness so it wasn’t exactly coherent at all. Umn well I guess I got slightly better then I deserved and I didn’t do too badly in multiple choice 😛 for economics.

Essay :I was suprising for economics,but I guess its due to the random examples/graph i drew 😕

I don’t know how I’m going to be able to hold onto my emotions during maths,but I’ll attempt not to breakdown in class tomorrow. Try but I’ll probably end up walking out anyway.

The last english essay was basically :

Circled word of misspelling an easy word, ? marks all around, dunno it went extremly oddly if I was reading that I’d personally would’ve wanted to speak to the student in question but that’s probably least of there concerns.

Not very happy but at least I’ve passed everything

At least no one said I didnt study

even though that’s true (except eco/memorising english quotes)

–  Blit


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