Sometimes school lessons make me really excited… (not joking)

So excited for the term ahead in mathematics, honestly the way my teacher is planning to teach seems really exciting and I think that it will work well if as a class it gets followed through. It may be due to me being very awake /focused which is extremely unusual but it was due to an early bed time of 8.30pm, then me getting up at 4am. The feed back sheets sound awesome,especially being taught how to create the spreadsheet plus creating questions do for ‘tests’.

YAY YAY, now I just wanna buy maths book (guilty as charged 😉 )

I’ll spend these holidays focused on developing English skills, and also working on my preliminary math’s skills which are lacking in certain areas (IQR’s I’m looking at you).

1) Yes maths will require more work, but it helps develop skills required for other subjects

2) I’m insanely awake and wondering when I’ll crash

3) Last day of school this term tomorrow 😦

 4) Need to get organised :O 

– Blit 


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