Daily Prompt:Non Sequitur…. Sometimes you just get so angry


I walked stiffly across the faded blue mat carpet..into the corner furthest away from the annoyance of civilization. However the peaceful isolation was soon to be broken. Blah blah it grew louder and louder, and when one didn’t think it could become anymore unbearable a student who you absolutely hate walks in then sits next too you. You’ve had a very bad week so are feeling incredibly grouchy at the prospect of having to make small talk on topic which makes you want to neck yourself.

The simpering idiot starts talking … ‘Hey..how are you going’? So you answer for once in your life , ‘FUCKING SHIT’.At a pretty loud volume so a tiny beady eyes of your class turns, then the teacher slowly turns so that everyone begins to stare.She seems shocked at your out of character response.  This is the most fun you’ve had all year, and you are feeling so angry and frustrated you turn over the desk next to you. CRASH *thank god you didnt bring anything fragile to class*  It was certainly more interesting then maths usually,so no one would be too angry.  Keeping anger under control was so difficult not that any one else noticed.



With a purposeful step the teacher walked closer to me,and with a calming measured tone asked ‘Why did you yell at *student name*.

I couldn’t think so yelled at the first thing that came into my head

”He tried to hit me with a forklift’!”

 Teacher:??? Firstly … its a she ? Could you please go outside so I can speak too you?

A hush fell across the classroom, the silence seemed almost deafening after the cacophony of sounds which was the typical experience which greets you after you enter the classroom. It only took one single student, a ‘quiet one’ to have an anger breakdown at the stupidity of another individual to scare people into submission.

You smile, ‘Sure I’d love too’.

And with that you walk out to a probably the strangest conversation you’ll ever have in your life



Daily Prompt:

Write a post about anything you’d like, but be sure to include this sentence somewhere in the final paragraph:

“He tried to hit me with a forklift!”


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