Work Log for holidays so far

“I.e catching up on the maths that I was meant to catch up on earlier in the year”.

Mathematics Log:

23rd of September

* Ex 8.01, *Ex 12.01, *Ex 12.02

Ex 3:02 Similarity 7-15

24th September

Finishing of Ex 12.03, Ex 12.04

Still need to Learn/Do



7:04 ?

Ex 3:2 Q 7?

Ex 3:3

Any of the topics to do with Bits and Bytes

* Learn derriving Equation

* Practice drawing Box and Whiskers/Five point summary

  also normal graphs

* So some rates/ratio=> Bits and Bytes topics

* Copy out sumary on page 33

Download : Linear Relations Jon Orr on Apple Itunes as an Ebook

Other Subjects:

Advanced English : Finish writing  Morpheus Belonging Creative

                             : Reread Watership down, and think about other possible Belonging related texts



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