The importance of placing Appropriate Expectations on Individuals In Education

Expectations:  The importance of placing Appropriate Expectations on Individuals In Education

One of the most detrimental things which I believe that most educators fail to do is place appropriate expectations on themselves, and their students. I understand that in many teachers are under pressure however when was the last time when handing back an assessment task or test did you actually think about asking the student about what they thought about their mark? Did you have a conversation? Telling  a student a mark is ‘good’ or ‘okay’ when in reality the student scarcely spent any time on the task in question just keeps them in the same mediocre place whilst instead what would be more useful is to encourage them  to aim for higher marks. By the same token it doesn’t help anyone by telling a student to ‘try harder’ when in reality they spend too much time and are worn out in an attempt to keep up is also poor form.

Are we creating a generation who are content with mediocrity? Or  should teaching also be focused on not placing group mark expectations but individual expectations. Teacher’s should not expect that a student will be always be able to be mentally present in class.By the same token, student’s should not expect that their teacher’s will always be 100% focused on school.An acknowledgement that all individuals from teacher’s to student have a life outside school, and that at times real life such as deaths in the family will intrude into individuals life. However, just as a student should put in their best effort into schooling so should teachers. And whilst it can be hard at times many student’s do appreciate the hard yards that many educators put in, even if doesn’t always seem like it.



Thank you teachers, and fellow students who try to place and follow appropriate expectations in education.


~ Blit


Comments : Please if anyone reads this could you please post a response to my question below?

Finally, How much responsibility should we be expecting both Students and teachers in placing appropriate expectations on each other?

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