8/10/13 Work Log

English: Read the Booklet ‘The Oxford dictionary  defines the word ‘belong’ as follows,,,,

               Still need to write the letter about strengths/weaknesses etc to English Teacher but I’ll finish that tonight.

               I will hand write it so I do not have to have as many words, as it is meant to take up a whole page @_@. 

              Learnt the new word en·mi·ty   The state or feeling of being actively opposed or hostile to someone or something.

              Emigrant – A person who leaves their own country to settle permanently in another

Biology : Did Question 11, and finish Q 5 of  . Booklet  1: Maintaining a Balance . Enzymes 

Journal:Wrote down what was covered in class today.

May look at some Artworks later tonight.

I’ll comment below once I finished the Letter to my teacher.



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