Work log 13/10/13 and Thoughts on what the NEW AUS Maths Curriculum should include

Haven’t done art theory Homework.

Other then that keeping up to date with homework.

Completed Chapter 7 of Cambridge, got a math’s test tomorrow .

I want to become up a Math Stand up Comedian now

Pondering :

Mathematics, is like a science yet we don’t learn the history or even key important figures in the field.

Why doesn’t the current curriculum address that? Isn’t a key part of Maths also the application/formation of theories? 

Isn’t literacy in Mathematics also important? Why are we so heavily focused on the plain application of numbers, a way of inspiring is to learn about interesting individuals in the field.

For Example,  Learning about Interest,  nothing is mentioned on the history or who first thought of the theory.

I’m pretty sure if I had been taught the Irving Fisher, and his quote “impatience and opportunity” for interest or even more about it the context of interest would’ve made more sense originally. 

How can Student’s be expected to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics whilst it isn’t about creativity or enjoying, rather a narrow mind rigid way of problem solving.

It reminds me slightly of the Subject of English sometimes, at times extremely enjoyable, other times you just want to shot yourself in the foot. 

~ Blit


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