Worklog 22/06/14


* External Stability Handwritten Notes

* Substantial Proportion of Notes done for Third Economic Issue Topic (HSC)

Up to        

–      preservation of natural environments

–      pollution, climate change

–      depletion of renewable and non-renewable resources.


Fun activity for Today


I don’t quite know a lot  of things,
such as why schools now a days don’t like bells to ring,
However I know
                       that most  people aren’t or don’t get headaches,
from spending the day under ‘energy’ efficient lights,
that colours,words and numbers aren’t meant to shimmer,
or taste like velvety vanilla ice creams,
                       I know exam performances shouldn’t be impacted
                       by the belief people are staring straight at you,
that I should  be able to concentrate with a little bit of noise,
from people chattering in the room,
and that asking for help; is a sign of ”strength’,
even though admitting weakness seems like failing again too,
and even though colour ‘blue’ appears friendly too you, 
other people associate it with feelings of sadness and melancholy,
so when your happy don’t tell people you feel ‘blue’,
I know that although it appears hard at times,
its often best to be you…

I’ve learnt a bit during my time on earth,
such as failure being inevitable,
and that You shouldn’t be angry at teacher’s reading at your marks,
or anyone else for that matter,
Boasting and bragging makes you a prick,
and the heart  fluttering ”anxiety”which you swear on your life doesn’t exist,
Isn’t worth getting your nickers in a twist,
even though at night you often wake,
hot & sweaty, like a snake,
flailing around the bed so grey,
Devoid of sleep when you awake next day,
and when people ask if you are ”fine”,
You say ”sure” because surely it’s better not to whine?


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