Worklog 23/08/14

Business Studies
* Finished Handwriting all notes ( Operations Strategies 4-16)
• supply chain management – logistics, e-commerce, global sourcing
• outsourcing – advantages and disadvantages
• technology – leading edge, established
• inventory management – advantages and disadvantages of holding stock, LIFO (last-in-first-out), FIFO (first-in-first-out), JIT (just-in-time)
• quality management
– control
– assurance
– improvement
• overcoming resistance to change – financial costs, purchasing new equipment, redundancy payments, retraining, reorganising plant layout, inertia
• global factors – global sourcing, economies of scale, scanning and learning, research and development
* Business Studies Hwk (Abbotsleigh paper) Multiple Choice Done
* Business Report ‘Explain the impact of globalisation on marketing management’
(Only have compettive positioning left to do)

* Hwk – 4.4 Microeconomic reforms The National Reform agenda ( Handwritten)
=> Takes notes ( 2014 Stokes)


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